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Aunty Beryl – The Queen of Bush Tucker

Aunty Beryl has been cooking bush food since her childhood in Walgett, New South Wales and knows a thing or two about making a meal from the land. Now in her 70s, her diverse career in the kitchen has spanned over 50 years. In her 20s, Aunty Beryl moved from rural New South Wales, to work as a Nanny for a family in Sydney. It was during this time that she decided to pursue her underlying passion for food. “I never wanted to do anything else,” she says. “I loved to cook and I knew that there would always be employment in the hospitality industry.” To kickstart her career in the kitchen, she worked at Wunanbiri Preschool as the cook and later began a course in food technology at TAFE. After graduating in 1980, she was asked by the university to remain as a teacher which she did for 15 years. In 2006 Aunty Beryl was invited to run courses at Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training College. Working five days a week, she has seen many students from aged 17-60 …

Hervé Boutin – The French Chocolate Maker

Hervé Boutin is the chocolate maker from rural France whose 35-year career has taken him on a whirlwind adventure across the globe. From working in the fast-paced kitchens of Paris to luxurious five-star hotels in Asia, his continuing love affair with chocolate is an inspiring tale. Settling in Sydney in 1990, Boutin now teaches baking trades at The Illawarra Institute of Wollongong (part of TAFE New South Wales) to young and eager pastry chefs wanting to launch into their own careers. When he isn’t teaching, Boutin practices his well-rehearsed skills making chocolates at Lixie Chocolaterie. He can regularly be found in the open-plan kitchen whipping, piping and decorating our favourite indulgent treats. His story starts in south-east France where he grew up on a farm with his grandmother, grandfather and younger sister, “when you live on a farm, you find that all your primary ingredients surround you,” Boutin says. “Whether it’s the vegetables you dig up from the ground, or the poor chickens and rabbits that unfortunately end up on the frying pan, you see everything …

Welcome to ‘The Wise at Work’

Do you remember when your parents used to ask you, “now, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Maybe they’re still asking the same thing. Many of us go through life not identifying with what we’ve chosen to do for 40 hours of the week. So when you come across someone who has devoted themselves to become the master of their own trade, it’s something worth sitting up and paying attention to. ‘The Wise at Work’ tells the stories of those who have over 20 years experience in their trade – who have been fortunate enough to find something they love to do and make money from it. Be inspired by the adventures their careers have taken them on and who knows, maybe you will learn a thing or two in the process.