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Lindel Barker-Revell – The Tea Leaf Reader

Name: Lindel Barker-Revell
Age: 66 years old
Occupation: Tea Leaf Reader
Years of Experience: Approximately 36 years

One of Lindel Barker-Revell’s most striking qualities is her positive energy – and who wouldn’t be positive with a job that involves sitting down for a chat with a superb cup of tea?

Having previously studied tarot card reading and astrology, Barker-Revell was seeking a new challenge and was introduced to tea leaf reading at the age of 30. She was drawn to it by a fascination with why things happen to people and a passion for tea. “I absolutely love it, every cup is different, just like every person is different,” she says. She learned from a woman who she worked with at a shop called The Crystal Ball, “when we were alone in the shop together, we would pour a cup of tea and read each other’s cups,” says Barker-Revell. She immediately fell in love with it and began to immerse herself in studying the symbols and working on her story-telling abilities.

She originally read for friends in Chinese restaurants where they would order pots of jasmine tea and sit around having a bit of fun, each having a go at interpreting the symbols in the cups. She then began reading in the tea rooms at The Observatory Hotel which she did for seven years up until the changed ownership. Having built quite a name and reputation for herself, Barker-Revell’s most exciting opportunity came when she was approached by a publishing company to write. The Goddess (1999) and Time for Tea (2007) were both popular books which she regards as her highest achievements as a Master tea leaf reader. Now, she is happy spending her time educating up-and-coming readers and attending events where future-brides and mums-to-be find themselves glued to her every word Barker-Revell has to tell them about their futures. “I remember one time, one of my readers saw a break-up in a marriage cup – I had to send her out of the room! You can’t say anything bad on someone’s special day,” she says laughing.

Now a rare skill to own, Barker-Revell says that up until the Second World War, tea leaf reading was very common, it was simply abandoned with the invention of the tea bag. She aims to reignite this passion for loose leaf teas. Every part of the tea leaf reading process is important, from picking the right cup and saucer, to making sure the spout of the pot lets the leaves flow. “There’s even different water temperatures dependent on which type of tea you’re drinking,” she adds. Once the drinker is ready (this can be hours of sipping), it’s time to look at the bottom of the cup and behold the stories the leaves tell. “It’s about seeing an image and making sense of it – using intuition and relaxing into it,” she says. Barker-Revell also notes that her background in astrology is also a big help, “when I look into a cup, I’m looking into the heavens. It gives my readings a certain flavour,” she says.

While tea leaf reading may not be for everyone, particularly Barker-Revell’s young nieces who are “scared of seeing the Grimm (from Harry Potter of course)”, there are some who share this Master’s passion and who want to learn from her many years of wisdom. “My advice to a new reader would be to study the symbols so you know what they mean. You also have to love tea! Everything about it and finally, never read your own cup!” she says.
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